Random Thought : 2


While scouting for a featured image, i came across this. It instantly reminded me of


Sometimes we invite danger.

Danger comes in many forms.

Have you ever miserable? Have you ever realized that you, yourself happen to be the cause of your misery? Have you considered that as a danger?

A danger to your well being….a danger to your mental and emotional health.

Trust me, over-thinking is a dangerous thing.

Thinking of stuff again and yet again, which is absolutely out of our control is a dangerous thing.

I was recently going through a such phase when three of my closest friends knocked off the feeling in their own way.

Something i realized today and here i am, sharing it with you: if you ever feel unhappy and cannot do anything to overcome the feeling, do not knock on the door of memories. It will make you more miserable.

Instead knock on your friend’s door and the latter will knock off the sadness.

Image Courtesy : Google


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