“Welcome to the League”, he said.

I had been waiting for this day from time immemorial. Literally.

Becoming a doctor has been a childhood dream. But turning the dream into a reality wasn’t a cake walk.

Exams, lectures, practicals, clinical postings, tutorials and more exams later, i became one. Rather, my journey to become one has just started.

March 15, 2017 shall always be etched in my memory.

I had a feeling that our results might be declared today, hence i was waiting for it with bated breath. Usually the results are declared at about 6 p.m.

But this time it was a li’l earlier.

I was returning home from college when  Neera, a favourite senior called up and asked, “kamon holo?”

I was on my way and couldn’t walk any longer. I ran to my house and switched in to my computer.

As soon as i learnt the good news, i called back Neera. As soon as i kept down the phone, Swarnali called up to congratulate.

I was surprised to learn that she already knew.

A while later when i logged into facebook, i saw my beloved Neera had done posted on my wall before i had a chance to.

I was in a trance. I was replying to texts and posts and liking others’ posts. I didn’t have the frame of mind of post anything yet.

I was letting the feeling sink in when Tanmay Sir (Dr. Tanmay Datta) called up and said, “Welcome to the League.

It made my special day even more special.

More phone calls and countless texts later, i decided to put up a status. Perhaps it is the lengthiest status of mine. But then, it is totally justified, ain’t it?



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