Day 1

Well it was my first day after the Ides of March šŸ˜‰

Ides of March: the day when i was welcomed into the hallowed portal of the noble profession.

Well, today i had to go to college because fest is coming up and i would be dancing and acting in a play.

Also i wanted to meet up all my favorite seniors, favorite juniors and my favorite girl friend. I expected it to be nothing more than an usual meet-n-greet-n-chat day but it ended up being more!

It was Sameeha’s last on-call and i wanted to make it special.

So had planned accordingly and later she took me along during her evening round. Thanks to the JR, i also a chance to fill up and sign the patient progress report šŸ˜€

My 1st ever!

Internship starts next Thursday and it looked like my “haat-e khori” šŸ˜‰

The day ended on a even sweeter note when i found a bunch of roses and a beautiful card awaiting me at home!

Last but not the least, “crayons and stickers” actually made my day a lot more colourful than i expected it to be! Thank you Sanchari :*

Henceforth, i shall pen down all my internship tales under this category!


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