Week : 1

Just before i left for home, i went to visit a certain Mrs. Gandhi in the medicine ward. The moment she saw me, she sprang up, taking my hand into hers and said, “thank you beta, thank you…am feeling so much better now :)”

I, who had not slept properly in over 60 hours and was looking more like a zombie, smiled to myself.

Wasn’t that my dream? To become a doctor and help people?

Just one week into my a year-long internship, just a week into my 2 months-long medicine posting, one week into my 2-weeks long compulsory psychiatry posting, i am no more the bidisa i was a week back.

Just last Wednesday, i was dancing and acting at my college fest. And this Wednesday, this was a different me.

Meeting countless folks in a span of 7 days, hearing their tales and seeing their happy smiles is what keeps me going even when my body yearns for another few hours of sleep.

First 24 hours on-call medicine, first night at ER Shubhashgram, first OPD or rather every OPD of Psychiatric Department is fraught with tales to tell.

Learnt so much about the people i will be dealing with. Learnt that some are extremely nice while the rest are not so. Some are and shall ever be rude. Some are aggressive and shall always be violent and hence need to dealt with care. Some are very emotional and hence need to be attended with more care.

Many people, many minds,

Got to meet people, of whom i only knew. New co-interns, new company, new conversations … it has indeed been a great beginning. Tiresome but great.

To cut it short, week has been hectic but a happy experience.

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