Week : 3

“Everything turned out so well. I am fine. Thank you Sister”, he said to me with a smile. I finally had a first hand experience of what Shomi warned me about.

Female doctors are often mistaken to be nurses and approached accordingly. In my 3 weeks of being a doctor, this was another first.

I didn’t react and smiled back, rushing off to the radiology department where i had some work.

I guess i would come across this issue more than just this one time.

Week 3 had been full of stuff that had had happened in the last 2 weeks, but what was new was that i learnt a bit in the 2-weeks stint and all the experiences were viewed in new light.

Learnt from my experience that all patients are all, some really while others apparently.

The really ill patients need medications, food and care while the apparently ill ones need attention and more attention.

No, i am not mocking it. Many a time we want somebody to hear us out, somebody to consider all that we are complaining of.

I realized from my experience that it is not only important to treat the illness but also the symptoms.

A smile or a friendly hello can actually go a long way into facilitating a person’s recovery.

Had my first double ad-day. The first 48-hours on call was less tiresome than the first 24-hours on call. I guess this is what experience does to you 🙂

Another lesson that i learnt is that not everybody will be nice even if you are being the nicest you can be. But that certainly doesn’t mean you should let his/her behaviour sour your mood.

Week 3 taught me of my prejudices and how to handle them with dignity.

Internship not only teaches about medicines, signs, symptoms and treatment protocol but also about life lessons.

Image Courtesy: Google.


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