Week : 4

“It is rude to call a fat person fat but it is funny to call a thing person a bag of bones, such double standards”, said my favourite girl. Thanks to hectic schedules, i have not had the chance to have a heart-to-heart with her, for ages.

Gradually, she poured out her heart over the things that had been happening with her since the beginning of internship.

To be honest, it was not a all-happy experience for her.

Thin-shaming happens to be a reality; something as hurtful as fat-shaming.

Yet some insensitive souls just wouldn’t understand, irrespective of their age.

Week 4 of internship has been just as happening with me learning new things and having new experiences, thanks to my JR, Consultant, patients and other seniors.

What was extremely new this week was a phone call from acertain organisation, addressing me as a Doctor and asking me to participate in a seminar, guess that just is some of what dreams are made of 😉

Something i realized this week, yet again, is that a long chat with your favourite person is exactly what you need to pep up your dull day.

Picture Credits : Google


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