Week : 5

“May i please be moved to bed number 16? i don’t like the number 13, this number doesn’t suit me….i’ll recover faster if i go to bed number 16”, complained an old lady of 82.

This was a rather odd request and since bed number 16 was empty, i requested the house-keeping staff to oblige her.

Week 5 was no less happening and this wasn’t the “only first” of internship.

Witnessed how certain tiny things can bring about massive changes, in a good way of course.

A smile, a thank you, a how are you goes a long way in building a relationship worthy of one’s trust.

Witnessing and managing rows between patients is just a part of the job description as is the managing their complaints 😉

Psychiatric illnesses are no less distressing than physical illness. The issue with the former is that, we may not be able to assess the exact intensity yet whoever is ailing from it, is suffering more than one can imagine.

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