Days Numbered



College life was beautiful, happy and hectic, fraught with worrisome moments prior exams and results.

Intern life is hectic, happy and crazy, peppered with nail-biting tension, mostly on on-call days and also on other days.

But one can never compare the bittersweet flavor of internship with anything else.

My internship does not get over in another 10 months. But the days of my medicine posting is numbered.

I have been rather privileged to have medicine as my first posting.

Apart from giving you a “doctor-doctor feeling”, it makes a responsible individual out of you.

Internship has taught me a lot about patient care, patient party care and my own abilities and limitations.

Good things will happen, cherish them and move on.

Bad things will happen, learn a lesson and do not repeat them.

People are mostly good until things don’t go the way they want to.

Medicine posting gets over in another 4 days. Countless memories of how i started out as a fresh face, as Nirmalya Sir’s intern have started cropping up.

Another few days of being the special intern, one that almost everyone knew.

A posting where i met some generous and gorgeous souls who taught me about the life i would be leading all my life, guiding me all through my posting.

Image: Google

P. S. this actually happens to be an image of the place i graduated from and where am working at present.


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