Being a Doctor

“Madam, aapni ekhaneo kaaj koren?”, an unknown male voice called out to me as i hurried my way through the crowded corridors of the hospital. (Madam, you work here as well?)

Despite running late, i just couldn’t resist the temptation to stop and have a word.

i stopped to have a proper look just to confirm that he was indeed an unknown male and not a hospital staff who had seen me at the medicine department, and was just surprised to see me walk towards the IMMUNIZATION CLINIC (where i am posted at present.)

My confusion had perhaps been registered on my face because even before i could ask who he was, he spoke up, “aamay chinte parlen na? abboshyo na-chenar e kotha, Shubhashgram-e je 5 no.-ghar e boshten, aapni amay (amar kashi hoechilo) ebong amar stree (anek din er komor e betha) ke dekhe diechilen!” (You cannot recognize me, can you? I am not surprised. You used to practise in room no.-5 at Shubhashgram and you had treated my fever and my wife’s low back pain.)

Recognition for one’s work is one of the most priceless moments in a professional’s life, is it not so?

I could not help but smile and ask, why was he there? Is he still ill? What about his wife?

“Naah, naah ami ekdom theek achi … amar shala-r operation hoeche ekhane, tai dekhte elum! Aapnar chikitshay-e aami ekdom bhalo hoe gechi. Stree-o khub bhalo achen”, he replied happily (No, no am perfectly fine …. my brother in law had been operated upon, i had come to visit here. Am fine now and so is my wife.)

I smiled back and said, “khub bhalo, bhalo thakben” before starting to walk away when he stopped me again, “accha madam, aapnake toh aar okhane dekhi na…apni ki ekhanei boshben? kon ghar-e? kobe? tahole aamra ekhanei ashbo, aapnar kachey!” (Madam, we don’t see you Shubhashgram any more; do you practise here? which day? in which room? Then we would come here to visit you for further ailments.)

What happened thereafter, is another story.

As a very young doctor, (that’s what my former boss would call me) i have been wished Happy Doctors’ Day so many times, by so many people.

But this gentleman made me realize the worth of earning the title : doctor.

Happy Doctors’ Day 🙂

P. S. – as a part of our internship programme, we are posted in various departments for a set period of time. Before IMMUNIZATION CLINIC, i was posted at Sonarpur Rural Hospital, Shubhashgram.

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