Celebrating Sohan

July 11, 2018: 12:30 a.m.

Cake ordered, fairy lights bought, photos Avi is working on, people please mail those to him … we still need clips, cellotape, scissors … did i miss out on anything?,” i texted in our WhatsApp group.

“What do we need scissors for?” asked Avi.

To cut the cellotape,” i replied, unable to comprehend why would he even ask such a silly thing.

“My lady, leave that upon me, or rather my teeth!” Announced Avigyan, basking in the glory of his undergraduate days when he would use his teeth for purposes just more than what you can think of.

“What sort of clips are we talking of?” Oishik asked.

“Paper clips will do” replied Avigyan.

“I don’t have paper clips but i have micropore,” shot back Oishik.

“Oishik you are not invited to do surgical dressings, we are going to decorate Sohan’s room!” I tried reasoning.

We will use gems clips,” asserted Abhinandan.

And what’s wrong with this?” Avigyan asked sending the picture above.

I like it,” i quipped and Oishik agreed with me.

We will use gems clips,” repeated Abhinandan, further adding,”so that it looks a little less like crime scene pictures at the detectives’s office.”

When did the detectives start working with fairy lights?” Laughed Avigyan.

“We can shape the gems clips in this fashion,” cut in Pinaki and sent this picture.

It looked so cute that everyone lapped up the idea.

Oh we will do as you say, just guide us,” replied Ratul, echoing our collective thoughts.

July 12, 2018: 11 a.m.

I need pictures of Ratul, single ones, the one he sent isn’t being accepted,” messaged Avigyan.

Take here,” Raja sent one.

Not accepting,” Avigyan repeated.

This one,” Pinaki sent another.

Nopes,” replied Avigyan, exasperated.

Who is not accepting? Send that fellow to me!” Ordered Pinaki.

Photoshop,” answered Avigyan.

Ratul! Send big pictures to Avigyan. Stat.” Pinaki ordered Ratul, laughing at his unintentional joke.

July 12, 2018: 5:50 p.m. and onwards.

And then there were more gifts. And this dude, Sohan, who had had ordered his birthday to not be celebrated had a good day and slept happy.

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